BP - Fuel Card ⛽

Ready to start making great savings on every litre of fuel?


The BP Plus Fuel Card allows you to access low prices for diesel and unleaded fuel at over 1,200 BP service stations nationwide. This includes nearly 50% of UK motorway service stations, where savings can be up to 20p per litre! Typically, savings are between 2p and 3p per litre at non-motorway BP service stations. From this page, you can order your card, check the current fuel prices, view your usage statement and search for your nearest BP service stations.

How it works

  1. You'll receive a weekly email with the fixed price for unleaded and diesel fuel.
  2. Just fill up at any BP fuel station and use your card to pay like you would any other payment card.
  3. The fuel you buy will be automatically recorded and payment will be collected by direct debit.

Please note, there is a yearly administration fee of £14.99, which will be applied to your first direct debit payment. This is provided by our rewards partner Boostworks, so all queries would need to be directed to them. This card is not held by Nasa Umbrella LTD or Nasa Consulting LTD, so you take this out at your own risk / cost. 

This is included via the Nasa Rewards platform (provided by BoostWorks) - you can sign up for this online here.