Self-Employed - How do I complete the TrustID ID check?

Step by Step guide to completing an ID check via TrustID

As part of your registration with Nasa Umbrella, we will provide you with a unique link in our welcome email to complete an ID check via TrustID.


This ID check needs to be completed on a mobile phone with internet access and a front and rear facing camera. TrustID will take you through the following steps on your device:



Step 1 - Click the link in the email on your mobile phone. This will load the ID check in your browser and take you through the first few questions.


Step 2 - If you have a UK or Irish passport, please click 'yes' when prompted and use your rear facing camera to take a clear photograph of the full photo ID page within your passport. Ensure all information is visible including any numbers along the top and bottom - and that the image is clear with no blur and no glare.


Step 3 - If you do not have a UK or Irish passport, then click 'no' when prompted instead. TrustID will then ask you to input a share code to verify your online right to work status via the government's share code system. If you need to generate a new share code, this can be done directly on the Home office website here.


Step 4 - You will now be prompted to take a 'selfie' in order to verify your identity against your documents. This will take a photo using your front facing camera. Please ensure you are in good lighting and take a clear photo of your face.


Step 5 - TrustID will now ask you to enter your address. Please enter your postcode and then select your specific address from the drop down list. If your address does not show, try including or excluding any spaces in your postcode instead (e.g try changing BS1 3BN to exclude the spaces like so: BS13BN).


Step 6 - You're done!

The check will now go through TrustID's verification systems and Nasa will be notified of the results - usually within 1 hour. We will let you know if everything has been verified successfully or if there is anything else we need.


If you run into any error messages whilst submitting the check, check out this article here which covers some of these topics.


If this does not help resolve any issues you are having, please contact our Customer Care team via email, phone or live chat for assistance.