Continue My Healthcare - Health Insurance 🩺

We've teamed up with Continue My Healthcare to offer guidance across top health insurance providers, helping you discover great value policies tailored to your needs.

Important Note: This is not a scheme held or run by NASA, this is a brokerage service so that you can find the best deal for you. Any policy you take out is owned by you, at your own cost. 


When it comes to putting health insurance in place for you or your family, it's important to regularly shop around and find a suitable policy, within a budget that is comfortable for you. 


Private Healthcare is designed to cover the cost of acute medical conditions and provides options of speedy access to healthcare specialists should you require medical treatment.


Although NASA can't provide this directly, we know having Health Insurance in place is important to our contractors. We have teamed up with Continue My Healthcare who can provide this advisory service and take you through the steps of putting in place the best policy for you. 



Access the dedicated NASA landing page here, and get a no-obligation quote for health insurance today. 



As above - This is a separate service and is not included within your NASA Umbrella margin. This would be paid separately by you, and held by you. This gives you the flexibility to change the policy as and when you need, and ensures you have full ownership over this benefit.