Employee Assistance Programme from Health Assured 🫂

A 24/7 support network to help you deal with life’s challenges, supporting your mental well-being.



What is an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)?

An EAP is a confidential employee benefit designed to help you deal with personal and professional problems that could be affecting your home or work life, health and general wellbeing. Health Assured’s EAP service provides a complete support network that offers expert advice and compassionate guidance 24/7, 365, covering a wide range of issues. Not only can you get reactive support when you need it, you can also get proactive and preventative support to deliver the best possible outcomes.

With Health Assured there really is a better way

Balancing everyday life with the requirements of work and home can create pressures for all of us. Work is a large part of people’s lives. With increasing working hours as well as technological developments to support remote working, it’s vital to ensure that there’s a productive, healthy environment that’s conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

What’s included?

Counselling support

  • Life support: Unlimited access to in-the-moment support from a qualified counsellor via a 24/7, 365 confidential helpline.
  • Legal information: For any issues that cause anxiety or distress including debt management, accountancy, lawsuits, consumer disputes, property or neighbour legalities (employees only).
  • Bereavement support: Health Assured provides qualified and experienced counsellors who can help with grief related stress plus a team of legal advisors who can provide legal information and guidance.
  • Medical information: Qualified nurses are on hand to offer information on a range of medical or health related issues. They can’t diagnose, but can offer a sympathetic ear and practical information.

Wellbeing portal

Packed with informative articles, self-help guides and instant guidance, the wellbeing portal is a virtual library of information that you can use to get support on your physical and mental health. From simple lifestyle changes to advice for many of life’s most common concerns, the portal offers:

  • Interactive health assessment providing personal tailor-made dietary tips and fitness plans
  • Fitness and lifestyle advice, such as detoxing methods
  • Four week self-help programmes
  • Mini health checks
  • Financial wellbeing articles and interactive assessments

Health e-Hub mobile app

Get on the go access to holistic health and wellbeing support so you can learn to deal with practical and emotional challenges anywhere and anytime.


This is included via the Nasa Rewards platform (provided by BoostWorks) - you can sign up for this online here.