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Who can NASA pay as self-employed?

Working as self-employed via Nasa Group

Nasa are only able to pay individuals under self-employed only where:

  • The agency is registered for gross payments with HMRC
  • The client are happy for the worker to be paid under self-employed and we have confirmation of this
  • The worker is registered as self-employed with HMRC - we will verify this directly with HMRC via our portal using the worker's UTR & NI Number
  • The worker is found to be working in a self employed capacity in the way they carry out their tasks - Nasa carries out an assessment with any potential self-employed workers to ensure that the way they are working is free of Supervision, Direction and Control at their client site. We also ask the worker to complete the CEST tool online via HMRC, this must return a 'self employed for tax purposes' result in order for us to set the worker up under self-employed

For those workers engaged under this model we only deduct our margin from the income we received. The worker is then responsible for paying off their own Income Tax & NI deductions to HMRC on their Self-Assessment. We would recommend that you keep funds aside to pay your Tax & NI contributions. 

Those working under this model are not employees of Nasa Umbrella, and are therefore not entitled to any statutory benefits such as sick pay or holiday pay

You can see further information about self-employment here: