TrustID - Why do I need to complete an ID check?

Further information about RTW checks and the Trust ID service

What is this check and why do I need to complete it? 

It is a government requirement for all UK employers to run an Identity/Right to work check for new employees. As your employer, Nasa Umbrella has a legal obligation to carry out these checks. This guidance is set out by the Home Office, and they have recently made changes for instances where a remote check must take place (where we cannot complete an ‘in person’ check on an individual’s documents).

Because we don't meet you in person, we must carry out a check via a Home Office approved Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT). This technology easily and quickly assists in establishing verification. 

I've already done one of these checks, why do I need to do it again?

Even though you may well have already confirmed your Identity with your Recruitment Agency/End Client – Nasa are still required as your employer to complete our own check to ensure we have complied with this legislation. 

More information about IDVT’s can be found here: Government Guidance 


Why do I have to take a picture of myself? 

Part of a ‘face-to-face' ID verification would involve checking ID documents in your presence so that the documents can be verified, and you can be matched as the holder of those documents. 

As we cannot do a face-to-face check, the remote digital check through TrustID ensures these checks are done as closely to the in-person checks as possible. TrustID uses facial matching technology to link your ID documents and the picture you take of yourself.